PSFK - Future of Retail 2020
Date: 2020

PSFK releases an annual flagship trend report titled the ‘Future of Retail’. I was responsible for the design and layout of the 2020 edition, working with the strategy team to create a visual language to help communicate the trends and themes in the report. The design direction was additionally used for PSFK’s marquee event, the Future of Retail 2020 Conference in New York City. 

Date: 2020

PSFK is the founder and host of New York Retail Innovation Week (NYRIW). I was responsible for designing the visual direction of the event through the NYRIW Retail Innovation Guide along with physical collateral for panels, tours, and after parties. Additionally, I managed the print production of the NYRIW guide book. With close to 1000 copies distributed to attendees at various retail doors across NYC throughout the course of the week. 

PSFK Research - Publishing Templates
Date: 2019

PSFK needed a new direction for the visual presentation of their weekly published white papers and trend reports. I developed these cover templates in order to create high-quality, but quick turnaround, content for the strategy team. Taking the existing core PSFK purple and blending it into a more idea-driven and future facing design system.