Front Office Sports x Nike: Impact Report
Digital Event
Graphic Design, Event Production

Front Office Sports partnered with Nike to take an in-depth look at Nike’s FY21 Impact Report. With a focus on their three core target areas: People, Planet, and Play. Hosted by Front Office Sports Editor-in-Chief, Ernest Baker, and joined by Nike’s Vanessa Garcia-Brito. I was tasked with leaning on Nike’s brand to develop a design language for the promotional and event graphics.


Front Office Sports x Nike: BHM
Digital Event
Graphic Design, Event Production

Front Office Sports partnered with Nike to celebrate Black History Month with a live discussion between Front Office Sports Editor-In-Chief, Ernest Baker, and Nike Chief DEI Officer, Jarvis Sam. I was tasked with building upon the established creative direction of Nike’s Future Movement campaign to create visuals for promotion as well as during the live broadcast.


Front Office Sports x Meta
Interactive Education Program
Art Direction, Design

Front Office Sports partnered with Meta to launch a free online course covering the forces shaping the future of the metaverse and the sports industry. I was responsible for the creative direction of the learning program itself along with the promotional materials. Learn more about the course here.


Front Office Sports x Invesco
Editorial Campaign
Art Direction, Design

Front Office Sports partnered with Invesco QQQ to produce a series of sponsored editorial features, celebrating college football players who are making an impact both on and off the field. The series ran in the Front Office Sports newsletter coinciding with the start of the college football season. I developed the Game Changers title lockup and visual to align with Invesco QQQ’s brand and seemlessly integrate into the newsletter.  


Front Office Sports: Editorial
Branded Art 
Art Direction, Design

Front Office Sports set out to define and distinguish themselves from the crowded market in 2021 through a distinct approach to editorial art. I was tasked with reinventing the brands’ core black & white photographic style into something recognizeable and repeatable to accompany articles, newsletters, features and bespoke reports.


YOWIE x Jeremy Dean
Product Launch
Photography, Graphic Design

YOWIE produced a collaborative shirt with artist Jeremy Dean, inspired by the Heaven’s Gate cult phenomenon and tragedy. I was tasked with concepting and shooting image assets for the shirt’s launch in-store and on social media.  


YOWIE: Pollyanna
Holiday Campaign
Art Direction, Photography

YOWIE ran a triptych holiday campaign on social media and as a window installation in their Philadelphia store. Inspired by the part wishlist, part white elephant, regional gift-giving tradition of ‘Pollyanna’. We invited a diverse group of Philadelphians to create a handwritten list of their favorite products from YOWIE, along with one random item to reflect their personality. I was in charge of concepting, casting and shooting the campaign along with founder Shannon Maldonado.


PSFK: New York Retail Innovation Week
Event Branding, Editorial
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Print Production

PSFK is the founder and host of New York Retail Innovation Week (NYRIW). I was responsible for crafting the visual direction of the event, established through the design of the NYRIW Retail Innovation Guide, along with physical collateral for panels, tours, and parties. 


PSFK: Research Templates
Graphic Design

PSFK needed a new direction for the visual presentation of their weekly published white papers and trend reports. I developed these cover templates in order to create branded, quick turnaround content for the strategy team. Taking the existing core PSFK purple and blending it into a more idea-driven and future facing design system.